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JOBS ADS 4 U is Job Info Wing of Kinetic Consultancy Services, where we intend to provide information, news and links related to jobs, employment, service available in Middle East countries and India.

This service is brain child of our director who is very focused and committed to reduce the unemployment rate throughout India.


JOBS ADS 4 U mission is to reduce and finally eliminate the unemployment from our society and provide the way to earn a respectful and handsome livelihood for all.

about us


To provide a worthwhile, quality service as all community enthusiast that recognises  the worth of all individuals contributions that the community working together can make to the lives of its individuals as to the community as a whole.

Needless to say that, for providing this info, JOBS ADS 4 U does not charges any amount to user / jobseeker and it provided on free of cost basis.

Our team regularly works on this aim to provide the latest job / vacancy / employment news to make sure it goes to last person looking for the job opportunity.

We encourage and seek support from People who want to help unemployed personals, they are welcome to give jobs, sources, companies looking for manpower info. We will publish those data to let unemployed people get their jobs. Thanks.

Hope you will like this blog and give your full support in spreading this blog to as much as needy personals.

We are sure you will enjoy this service brought to you by our dedicated team.

We need your support to encourage our team work, by sharing this info as much people as you can, who are in need of jobs.

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